Radio Whatever Player

Regular radio sucks. You know that or you wouldn’t be here. That’s why we decided to create Radio Whatever.  We think independent radio is the best “format” out there. Artists who make music for the love of making music and not for just another paycheck deserve to be heard.

At Radio Whatever, you won’t get advertisements for things you don’t care about (We have no ads!). You also won’t get the same homogenized music that all sounds the same and that’s available everywhere else.

Here, there is no need for a subscription, no need for an account, and no need for passwords. We don’t want your private and personal information. We just wanna’ play great music from great artists.  That’s it.

Got any suggestions for adding artists or songs? Or maybe you just have comments or questions. Fire off an email to

Now, let’s do this thing. Click that button. Let’s hear some tunes.